Workshop 3: Design Differentiated Units

Designing professional development to meet the needs of your teachers, specialists, and school leaders starts with identifying your priority outcomes.  Use this menu of outcomes to customize your training on the implementation of the ELP standards and tools. Please note that:

1)      Optional outcomes may be combined with essential outcomes to create a linked, relevant professional development plan

2)      Workshops 2 and 4-7 are constructed specifically for ELL Specialists, equipping them to serve as resources in their schools

3)      Each workshop except for Workshop 1 builds on prerequisite skills and knowledge from previous workshops

Design Options

Outcomes for Workshop 3 – Design Differentiated Units

Builds on Workshop 1


 a)     Define the English proficiency levels and features of academic language (1-2 hrs)


 b)    Identify the academic language within the unit and lessons (1 hr)


 c)     Write language objectives and language targets (performance indicators) for content units (1-2 hrs)


 d)    Use the amplified matrix to support unit planning (1-3 hrs)


 e)     Use the Speaking and Writing rubrics for global assessment of English proficiency levels (1hr)


 f)      Other: